Foreign Exchange Market or Forex is the biggest financial market all over the world, it consists of almost trillion in daily volume and everyday this martket growth.

Top 10 currency traders
% of overall volume, May 2013
Rank Name Market share
1 Germany Deutsche Bank 15.18%
2 United States Citi 14.90%
3 United Kingdom Barclays Investment Bank 10.24%
4 Switzerland UBS AG 10.11%
5 United Kingdom HSBC 6.93%
6 United States JPMorgan 6.07%
7 United Kingdom Royal Bank of Scotland 5.62%
8 Switzerland Credit Suisse 3.70%
9 United States Morgan Stanley 3.15%
10 United States Bank of America Merrill Lynch 3.08%








Another feature is its liquidity which surely distinguishes forex martket from the others. All trades concern the purchasing of one currency and the selling of another currency in the same time.


UK economy is greatly varied, its strength depends on countries and regions. It’s not a surprise that the highest GVA per head is in developed capital city of England. Second place after London has region of South East England but there is a huge difference between. 

The list below presents us GVA per capita figures  for the countries of the United Kingdom.

Rank Place GVA per capita
in pounds (dollars in parenthesis)
1 England 20 442 ($31,545)
2 Scotland 19 744 ($30,468)
3 Northern Ireland 15 795 ($24,374)
4 Wales 14 842 ($22,903)