information security management system

Information security for big companies

When it comes to information security, it doesn’t matter how large or small your company is – you need to do everything you can to ensure that everything said and entrusted to your company must stay in. Creating a solid, preferably ISO 27001-compliant Information Security Management System is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do so and contrary to some popular beliefs, the norm does actually help you find your steady level of security. If you don’t think you have anything of value to protect, think again – the bigger your company is, the more risks there are regarding your information security. How do corporations and big companies do it effectively and make profit out of it?

What can you protect and what happens if you don’t

If you think that your customers’ personal data is everything you need to protect and you already doing so, because laws and regulations tell you to, think how much value there is in your product information and financial aspects. Designs, plans, patent applications, market assessments, financial records, employees confidential data – if any of those got into someone’s hands without permission, you could be in serious trouble. There are many things that could compromise your data security integrity and only one solution on how to deal with information security within a large company – create a well-planned, based on ISO 27001 security program!

What do you need to remember when implementing an ISMS

First of all, ISO 27001 wasn’t created for nothing – it is there to help you ensure the best level of information security regardless of the size of your company or the line of business you specialise at. Whether it’s IT and software, retail or mass production, information is the best asset you have and the more people work there, the harder it gets to keep it all under wraps. Remember, that cyberattacks are not the only things threatening  your information safety – the first thing that can get you in trouble is people.

A good security program is one that follows ISO 27001 rules, provides information on all risks and processes and shows you how to manage them in a proper, secure way. It’s a holistic approach that once implemented, keeps everyone aware of the risks and away from trouble. It takes a lot of effort to get a good ISMS going and the bigger your company is, the bigger risks it faces. Keep it slow, make sure everything gets checked out and remember – ISO 27001 is your biggest ally.