house renovation

Is Your Renovation Actually Worth It

You have found a spacious house with a great location and a beautiful landscape. You start to imagine what it is going to be like to spend peaceful afternoons in your living room and invite your friends over for dinner. But before all that is possible, the house has to be renovated and suddenly you are not sure what to do. Will it take long? How much will I have to spend? Is it really worth it?

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Education in England

Education is very important part of social life in every developed country. In England education is gratuitous and obligatory for all children between the ages of  5 and 18.


The education system is divided into :

  • early years (ages 3–4)
  • primary education (ages 4–11)
  • secondary education (ages 11–18)
  • tertiary education (ages 18+).

In England there is also a permission for  home education. Thanks to fine education some of students may become enginers and work in general building Sussex.


Secondary diploma Level 2 and above: 70.7%Level 3 and above: 50.6%
Post-secondary diploma Level 4 and above: 30.9%(2007 statistics for population aged 19-64)