Arc Metalization

Arc metallization is often considered to be one of the best ways of refreshing and preserving metal surfaces that can be susceptible to damage from many different external factors. Corrosion, breakage and general wear on steel and metal constructions are never good and for some industries, renovation is the only option for going on with business. What is arc metallization, though, and how does it provide protection for steel and metal constructions?

Arc metallization – how and why do we use it?

The art of arc metallization has been in development for many years now and even if it is already used by many companies around the world, the technique itself is constantly being further developed. As one of the examples of thermal spraying, arc metallization (often referred to as arc spraying) is a way of putting a thin layer of metal onto any given surface that needs protection from environmental and hostile factors with the use of heat and power. The easiest way to describe arc metallization is to compare it to metal welding and in fact, the procedure itself and the effect that it gives is not that far off the traditional welding methods. The source of power for arc metallization is an electric arc that creates the energy necessary to melt two wires placed at the front of a metal spraying gun. A DC electric current makes the two wires touch together and release energy, which then heats up the wires, melts them and produces a stream of gas that disperses the molten metal onto the desired surface. It is worth mentioning that the metal used to make the wires is non-corrosive and that is why it is good to use.

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The metal coat that achieved as a result of arc metallization is usually not that smooth, even or thorough, but it still has advantages that make the procedure worth the fuss. The porous coat created by arc metallization serves as protection for any areas that might be damaged by external factors such as severe weather conditions (harsh winds, cold winters, salt water, etc.) or the use of water on corroding metals. The additional layer of metal added with the metal spraying gun creates a safety blanket for any steel constructions, making sure that the working surfaces won’t go out of use quickly.

Metallization is used for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Arc metallization – who is it designed for?

There are many companies and industries that could potentially benefit from arc metallization. Any environment that pauses a threat to steel constructions and metal elements, making it susceptible to corrosion and breakage would be a perfect example of where arc metallization is best used. Following on that note, any industry that deals with pipelines, steel constructions, corrosive substances or simply need their metal products to be exceptionally durable should benefit from using arc metallization as a way of preserving their goods.