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Krakow is one of the few places on the map of Poland that is actually recognised all over the world. With historic monuments such as Auschwitz camp just outside Krakow and a beautiful and all natural salt mine in Wieliczka, as well as the city of Krakow itself, the region is just too good to miss. If you are planning on visiting Poland in the near future or you know that you will be somewhere nearby (skiing in Slovakia or Czech Republic), you should definitely come and see what this marvellous place has to offer. But how do you book yourself a tour to Auschwitz and Salt Mine and what should you expect once you get there?

Auschwitz & Wieliczka

English guided tours In Auschwitz-Birkenau are one of the best features that the managers of the place have come up with. Only 60 km from Krakow lays one of the most important historical landmarks in Polish history. It was here that the German forces established concentration camps and practiced genocide and terror on terrified Europeans. Auschwitz quickly became the side of one of the most massive murder campaigns in history and to this day terrifies everyone that comes to visit.

Auschwitz tracks

Wieliczka, on the other hand, is a beautiful and all natural salt mine that is the only mining facility in the world that was active in the Middle Ages and is being used to this day. The total length of mine corridors here is about 300 km and its’ main attractions include the Chapel of St.Kinga, excavation voids and chambers, old mining machinery and equipment as well as saline underground lakes.

Wieliczka is definitely the only place like this in the world and since statistics don’t lie, it is the most visited mine on the planet!

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UK travellers interested in seeing such an important part of Polish and world history and landscape will be glad to know that offers a high class service with an exceptionally good tour guide who will take you through all the most important parts of both the camp and the salt mine. The company provides full experience, starting form a door to door transport for both individual tourists as well as groups and business clients. The guided tours can be twitched and tweaked to your particular interests, so you are sure to see the parts that interest you the most.