lighten up your office

How to lighten up a small office?

ce bright lighting in your office is a key to productivity. Spending a working day in a dull, empty, dark place can bring you down, causing all the creative juices to flow in an opposite direction – away from the things you should be focusing on.

By ensuring that the place is properly lit up, you make the first step towards success, even if your goal is yet to be found. How to do it though, if the room is small and the windows are not giving enough? Sublimelighting, of course. Bring your office to the modern times and make it look as professional as they do in the movies.

Small details

If the room you’re working with is not very spacious, putting a couple of central lights may make it feel too sterile and industrial. Favour small desk lights placed behind the screen of your computer – it will not only make the room feel cosier, but also ensure your eyes stay healthy and not tired as much as they normally would. Colourful Blocco lights or small Cubo wall lamps will fit perfectly here. No fuss, no overpowering sizes, just some light to wake you up and get you going. Depending on the outlay of the office, having a longer wall light, resembling those put over a mirror could be found very useful. Check out Beam and Vincent to find your favourite.

Delicate and stylish

Hanging lights are a common piece in office designs. It’s a good idea, even for a small room. Think about the sizing of the place. Do you wish to be distracted by a bright, LED lamp? Admiring a crazy lampshade instead of focusing on your work? Of course not! That’s why delicate, dainty lamps are the ones to go for. Mirada and Punto are two of our favourite ceiling light collections that are perfect for a working environment. Not distracting, but still beautifully made will complement the design and purpose of the room perfectly. If you prefer low hangers, Ice and Copper are full of beauties your clients will ask for, dying to know how to get one for themselves.

Designing an office doesn’t necessary mean making it as non-interesting as possible. Having a stylish, designer piece as a source of light can bring many positive vibes and help you create an unique ambience that will attract your clients and your creativity.

Don’t fear – contemporary art does not make you an unproductive artist. It makes you a real architectural mastermind.