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How to find a job abroad as a young doctor?

Finding a job abroad as a young doctor may be seem like a lengthy, complicated process. Being a specialised professional with multiple years of experience is always seen as an advantage, especially in countries lacking in specialists of that particular field.

Young doctors, however, don’t have the necessary experience yet and often struggle to find a vacancy abroad.

Here’s where agencies come in handy. There are many agencies around the world specialising in medical professions and able to help you to find a job as a young doctor.

All you need to do is follow their requirements. How to find a proper recruitment agency and be sure they won’t stand you up once you decide to move? What opportunities do said agencies offer and what are the real chances of getting your first job?

Prepare and pursue

Medicine is possibly one of the hardest subjects to study at university, but it also comes with profits that balance the efforts. One of those benefits is the chance to work in any country you wish to go to. Being an EU citizen, you are almost guaranteed to find a vacancy in any country that’s a part of the EU.

Looking at places further away, finding a job definitely gets harder, but it’s still not impossible. Remember, your degree is valid as long as you are willing to work hard to defend your knowledge.

Revise what you know in English – it’s the universal medical language, aside from Latin, that you will find useful in any country of your choice. Translate all your diplomas and papers certifying your education to English and ask your tutors and supervisors to write you recommendation letters. Those will definitely prove you’re fit for the job.

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Find an agency and be prepared to move

Once you prepare all the documents, it’s time to search for a recruitment agency. Internet is full of websites offering help, but try to focus on ones that look legit and make you feel like they can actually aid you. One of the most popular agencies in Europe that specializes strictly within transferring doctors and medical staff is Agencies will guide you through the recruitment process and help you settle in your destination country.

Remember that once they find you a job, there’s no turning back. You could also try and find vacancies in the private sector and try out for the position all by yourself. Truth is though, for young doctors it’s safer to go the agency route and have some sort of help in the process.

Moving to a foreign country is stressful and having to look for a job with no guarantee of success makes it almost impossible to make the decision and go. Don’t put the additional pressure on yourself and let the professionals handle the tough matters – all you need to do is to be ready to move and work to prove yourself.